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Meeting Your Needs

A funeral service is a very personal event and people often have different requirements. We will do everything we can to ensure that your needs are met and that we can arrange the funeral you want for a loved one.

Sayce&Bull funerals

Funeral Arrangements

Funeral arranging can feel like a daunting task especially given the emotional stress many people are under when a loved one dies.

We’re here to help you from the moment you need us through every step of the way.

Pre-paid Funerals

A pre-paid funeral plan allows you to fix the cost of a future funeral at today’s prices. We can discuss with you your options when choosing a pre-paid funeral plan provider.

With plans in place, not only is it guaranteed that your funeral will be conducted by a professional, qualified, funeral director, but you also spare your loved ones from having to make many difficult and unpleasant decisions.


We pride ourselves on providing aftercare for our families. This is sensitively achieved through timing, communication and years of experience as care professionals. We think long and hard before contacting people, but always make them aware that our door is always open and we are here to offer support.

Funeral Arrangements

Sayce & Bull are here to help you arrange the funeral you want for your loved one and this page explains the decisions you have to make.

We are available and provide a service 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Miranda will sensitively guide you through the things you need to know about arranging a funeral for your loved one.

Funeral arranging can feel like a daunting task especially given the emotional stress many people are under when a loved one dies.

We’re here to help you from the moment you need us through every step of the way.

We will:

• Give you advice and information on all details from registering the death to the things that you need to consider after the funeral.

• Take care of and respect the person who has died.

• Help you with any special requests.

• Inform you about any local regulations.

• On your behalf we will make arrangements with other people such as the crematorium or local cemetery.

• Advise you on floral arrangements, donations to charities, newspaper announcements and memorials.

• Provide a fully itemised estimate of our costs and be there on the day of the funeral to take care of all the arrangements.

We are dedicated to ensuring your loved ones are treated with dignity and respect

Our charge for our Traditional funeral (excluding disbursements) £1650

  • Collection of deceased during office hours 9-5 pm  £95
  • First offices, care, preparation of deceased  £55
  • Supplying the Windsor coffin with name plate  £280
  • Chauffeur and hearse  £200
  • Four pall bearers  £120
  • Funeral directors fees  £900

Total cost of Funeral Directors charges


Traditional Funeral

"A glowing testimonial! Highly recommended!"


In addition to our own charges the funeral account will also include any disbursements, these are third party fees.

These fees are paid on your behalf so we do ask that the cost of these are paid three working days before the funeral.


An example of a typical list of disbursements payable for a cremation:

  • Cremation fees for Hastings Crematorium £750
  • Two Doctor’s cremation certificate fees  £164
  • Ministers or Celebrants fees £207

Total of disbursements


Total cost of this funeral (Total of funeral directors charges including four bearers + total of disbursements)


Please note that if the deceased weighs more than 100 kg we will need to provide more bearers at a cost of £30 each

Our Basic Direct Cremation Funeral 

"Includes disbursements"

  • Collection of deceased to our chapel of rest £95
  • Supply our most basic coffin and name plate £180
  • Transportation to Hastings Crematorium (time and date at our discretion) £120
  • Collection of cremated remains £0 – No charge
  • Cost of disbursements (inclusive) £914
  • Professional services £249

Items not provided

  • Visiting chapel of rest (no viewing)
  • Provision of funeral service at crematorium except committal
  • Provision of other funeral vehicles or other staff
  • Cremation to be at a time and date of our discretion

Total cost of this funeral (Total of our fees + disbursements)


Please note that if the deceased weighs more than 75 kg we will need to provide more bearers at a cost of £30 each

Direct Cremations

This is our lowest cost option but excludes part of our service normally available. 

This cremation includes conveyance of coffin to the Crematorium in a closed private ambulance van with the attendance of two bearers to transfer the coffin into the care of crematorium staff.

We pride ourselves on providing aftercare for our families. This is sensitively achieved through timing, communication and years of experience as care professionals. We think long and hard before contacting people, but always make them aware that our door is always open and we are here to offer support.

Often but not always we will help people to meet with others through our contacts if they feel the need. This could involve becoming a member of numerous clubs in the area if one choses or just a simple pop in for a chat and a cup of tea. If we have someone that is in need or wants to make new friends, but could do with a little support we would go with them and introduce them to the contacts we have so they are not left on their own. Sometimes there may be a need for more professional support and again through our trusted contacts we can arrange this.

Practical support is also offered and we have provided contacts such as, plumbers, decorators, electricians and so on, which have been vetted by us and our local business associates.

'From our family to yours'

Extended Direct Cremation


  • Provides everything offered by our Basic Direct Cremation with these important additions.
  • ​Provision of a hearse (rather than a closed private ambulance van) to convey the coffin to the crematorium.
  • ​Attendance of Funeral Director at the crematorium to advise, oversee and assist.
  • Attendance off four bearers to carry the coffin.

If you felt that you wanted to attend the cremation we would recommend choosing our Extended Direct Cremation so the Funeral Director would be in attendance to help you.

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Funeral Director professional fees explained


  • Please note that our Professional Services fee applies for all funerals and the limited option one is available ONLY for direct cremation services
  • Professional Services (Comprehensive)
  • Includes professional and qualified guidance with all of the necessary funeral arrangements.
  • Accommodation of deceased in our refrigerated mortuary, care and monitoring from collection to funeral. Attendance in office or at requested local address for arrangement interview and completion of all necessary forms and paperwork. Attending to and completing all client instructions including ordering of goods and arranging all necessary contractors.

24 hour professional guidance up to and on the day of the funeral and afterwards. Receiving, listing and forwarding of charitable donations.

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Professional Services (Limited - available ONLY for Direct Cremation Services)


  • Accommodation of deceased in our refrigerated mortuary.
  • Attendance in office for arrangement interview and paperwork

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Service in Church or Alternative venues such as barns


         (attendance of funeral director and staff)

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Removal of coffin into Church overnight prior to funeral service. Including provision of hearse and attendance of funeral director and staff

  • In hours £150
  • Out of hours £300
  • Service in Church when the coffin is taken in night before £100

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Collection Of Deceased


Includes provision of necessary vehicle, equipment and staff (within 25 mile radius of Bexhill on Sea, during 9-5pm weekdays)

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Removal of the deceased to our Chapel of Rest

5.00pm-10.00pm or at the weekend 8.00am -10.00pm


Removal of the deceased to our Chapel of Rest 10.00pm-8.00am


Bank Holiday removal anytime


Removals and funerals over 10 running miles charged at

£2 per mile          

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Arrangements and attendance -interment of cremated remains


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Preparation Of Deceased


Includes washing, dressing in either own clothing or a gown and necessary treatment in preparation for chapel visits.

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Chemical preservation of deceased (necessary if repatriating abroad)

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Coffin Bearers


Four bearers for crematorium service

Or Four bearers for church service followed by burial/cremation or for a graveside service

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Family own bearers or trolley used for direct cremations


No Charge *

Should a family wish to use their own family bearers they do so at their own risk. We will be there to guide and support the family.

*Should a family provide their own bearers we do insist that we also have the minimum of four of our bearers, which we charge for. This is to ensure the safe carrying of the coffin.

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  • Traditional motor hearse £200
  • Traditional motor limousine (seats max.6) £220

Due to the high cost of purchasing and maintaining a fleet of limousines we have a limited number of vehicles and hire in additional limousines as necessary like all other funeral directors.

If we need to hire in from a third party the cost will be £245 per vehicle.

If the price exceeds £245 we will discuss with you and provide vehicles at cost to us.

If the total length of a service exceeds more than 4 hours there is an additional charge of £50 per vehicle, over this 4 hour allowance.

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We have a wide range of coffins and caskets for example

  • Plain cardboard coffin: casket shaped, plain colour without handles £145
  • Oak Effect Coffin – Traditional light oak veneered, with six electro brass handles and name plate. £280
  • Willow/wicker coffin £580
  • Unisex Gown Sets £55
  • Provision of your own coffin if permitted due to regulations FFMA (handling fee) £100

  • Cremated Remains Containers Cardboard scatter tube £37
  • Bamboo or Willow urns/caskets from £60
  • Solid wood urns/caskets with nameplate from £95

Printed picture caskets, stone, metal, glass, china, miniatures and other keepsake designs are priced on request.

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Extra Services / Items Saturday funeral surcharge (POA)

  • Arranging, digging and attending a burial of cremated remains (fee doubled out of office hours) £150
  • Arranging and attending only a burial of cremated remains (fee doubled out of office hours £75
  • Order of Service cards (POA)
  • Grave markers £29
  • Long distance removals, airports and repatriations – prices on enquiry (P.O.E)
  • Exhumation (POA)

Please be aware that other possible additional charges can occur where bariatric (obese) factors or the height of the deceased can cause additional or unusual requirements. Height can be a cost factor regarding coffin size whilst bariatric can mean extra staff, coffin size and or extra equipment.

We reserve the right to either decline or withdraw our services at any time or make additional charges where these become necessary. These charges may cover using additional personnel or special equipment needed to protect the health and safety of our staff whilst caring for your loved one respectfully.

Our Team

Caring for your Loved ones

Marc Sayce

Funeral Director

Marc has over 30 years experience as a bereavement councillor and has devoted his life to helping people in there time of need. While being a funeral director Marc has always shown empathy and supported every single family member to help them to make the best choices.  

Miranda Sayce

Funeral Director

Miranda's time as a Funeral director and arranger has given her the belief that time is precious. Therefore when our time is over our loved ones should be protected and supported as much as they can. That is why Sayce and Bull endeavours to meet every bereaved family and friend with the utmost respect.

Zac Sayce

Funeral Director

Zac is the son of Marc and Miranda and is becoming a funeral director in his own right, he posses an amazing empathetic and caring nature. 

The families we support always comment on how professional and supportive Zac is.

What our customers are saying

We attended a funeral of a very dear friend which was conducted by Sayce & Bull Funeral Directors of Bexhill on Sea.

It was very well done by everyone, so caring and helpful by Miranda and Marc and their very professional staff. Every attention to detail was excellent and they were all very nice and kind to everyone at this sad time.

Thank you.

Maureen - Bexhill on sea

What our customers are saying

Amazing service from a caring local firm. Thanks for the help, support and advice and striking the right balance between contacting us, and letting us process that time. Sayce and Bull should be your first call. In the future I wouldn’t even bother looking at another service.

Stephen - Bexhill on sea

What our customers are saying

Sayce and Bull Funeral Directors were wonderful. They are a family led company and I found that because of that they gave us a supportive ‘family feel’ when organising my granddads funeral and answering any questions we had. I would highly recommend using them. They go above and beyond what I feel they are expected to do and to them it is more then a ‘job’ but more a passion.

Sophie - Hastings

What our customers are saying

I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given me and my mother. Your endless kindness and professionalism eased us through these past few difficult weeks. My whole family are deeply grateful to you and all at Sayce & Bull. I would recommend your company to anyone who found themselves in our situation.

Kindest regards.

Kevin - Bexhill on sea

What our customers are saying

Sayce & Bull recently organised and provided a beautiful funeral for my late grandfather. It was special, memorable and had many personal touches. Sayce & Bull are a family run business and I feel that because of this they gave us a family feel when helping us to decide what it was that we wanted in organising the funeral and remembering my granddad.

I will be forever grateful to Miranda, her husband and son and the extended family for all of their compassion, kindness, understanding and comfort. I would truly recommend Sayce & Bull funeral directors to all.

Sophia - Bexhill On Sea

What our customers are saying

I can’t begin to describe how impressed we were with your service. You made an incredibly difficult time a lot easier and I felt informed and well looked after throughout the whole process.

I found Sayce and Bull to be professional, respectful, sensitive, reasonably priced and extremely well organised and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a funeral directors

Thank you so much for everything.

Hannah - Saint Leonards on Sea