Are Sayce & Bull staff taking precautions? 

Sayce & Bull have taken various steps as a business to protect its staff and the families we support. Step one has been to have our offices and vehicles fully decontaminated by EcoCleanse, a local infection control company. Who have supplied us with hand sanitisers, PPE packages and an ongoing deep cleaning schedules. Step two was to make the decision to close our branches temporarily to appointments only. We are here to support all families 24/7, but please call us first.

Our teams are working from home where possible to ensure that their safety and their families safety is compromised as little as possible. When our staff have to attend Mortuary’s, Care homes and private residential properties to take loved ones into our care. Please don’t be alarmed if our staff are wearing PPE. This is for the safety of the staff, families as well as our staff. We understand that some families unfortunately will need to contact us in these uncertain times, so please remember to contact us 24/7.