Is there a limit to the number of people allowed at the crematorium?

Funerals are restricted to immediate family only but this is for the family to decide who this should be and should space themselves out in the chapel as much as possible.

• There are different rules outlined at different crematoriums, currently Eastbourne crematorium require that the curtains close at the end of the ceremony to stop people touching the coffin of their loved one on the way out and potentially spreading the virus. Where Hastings crematorium have not specified this yet.

• Both crematoriums would also ask that attendees to the service please wait in there vehicles until the hearse arrives to limit the risk of infection and maintain 2m social distancing between households.

• Hastings crematorium have moved seating 2m apart which has reduced seating to around 20 people.

But to ensure family and friends don’t miss the funeral of a loved one due to the virus.

Sayce & Bull are working with a local videographer to record the day. This can then be sent on to your loved ones to ensure they are still apart of the ceremony. There is a fee for this so please speak to one of our Funeral Directors for more information.