**Covid-19 Contingency**

Due to Covid-19 pandemic and for the safety of our staff, our communities and to conform to the government's guidance. 

Until further notice we will be conducting funeral arrangement meetings via telephone, Skype or zoom. 

We understand that certain families will have a need to see us face to face due disability or technology issues, we will be happy to arrange a face to face meeting but we will not be undertaking any home visits at this moment in time.

 We wish to reassure all families that we are still available to you 24/7 for anything you may need and are doing our best to run as normal as possible. We kindly ask that if you may need to contact us please do so by telephone.

Email: [email protected] Telephone: 01424 730262

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What are


and how do they work?

Disbursements explained

In addition to our own charges as funeral directors you'll have to pay something called a disbursement charge. Everyone has to pay disbursement charges and the price of these charges is always the same depending on your town and or area of your chosen ceremony.  This charge covers payments which have to be made to other parties on your behalf by ourselves, in order to begin your loved ones arrangements. All funeral directors have to pay these disbursement charges before arrangements can take place, as we pay these third party fees on your behalf we do ask that the cost of these is paid in full on the day of your first arrangement. If this payment is not made the funeral cannot go ahead. All disbursements known at the time of making the arrangement will be shown on your written estimate.

Disbursement Cost Breakdown

*Please note that below are just examples and can be subject to change depending on location* 

Crematorium Fee


A Crematorium Fee is the charge set by your chosen Crematorium in order to have your committal and cremation.

*example of Eastbourne Crematorium*

Doctor's Checks *If applicable*


Depending on the circumstances of how your loved one passed in some cases it may be required that a doctor be called to ascertain cause of death.

Minister's/Officiant's Fee


This is the fee set by the Minister or Officiant in order to lead your service.

A total in this example to be


Funeral Directors make nothing from this Disbursement cost, This is a set amount that needs to be

 paid to third parties before we can begin your loved ones arrangements.