**Covid-19 Contingency**

Due to Covid-19 pandemic and for the safety of our staff, our communities and to conform to the government's guidance. 

Until further notice we will be conducting funeral arrangement meetings via telephone, Skype or zoom. 

We understand that certain families will have a need to see us face to face due disability or technology issues, we will be happy to arrange a face to face meeting but we will not be undertaking any home visits at this moment in time.

 We wish to reassure all families that we are still available to you 24/7 for anything you may need and are doing our best to run as normal as possible. We kindly ask that if you may need to contact us please do so by telephone.

Email: [email protected] Telephone: 01424 730262

**Please click the button below to see all coronavirus updates ** 

Coronavirus updates

Want to make an informational booking or group talk?

We believe a funeral directors shouldn't just stop at a funeral service or aftercare. funerals and death are always subjects people tend to try and avoid. We at Sayce and Bull hope to change this and help people realise that it's okay to talk about death openly and with our guidance and knowledge give light to a subject that can be very confusing. We believe in educating people in everything funeral related, maybe you wish to arrange a funeral for your loved one in the future? or maybe you want to know more for yourself? do you or your co workers have a passion for the funeral industry and want to learn more?.  Are you running a class connected with the funeral industry and wish to have one of our very experienced funeral directors present?. We here at Sayce and Bull are offering 1-1 or group talks explaining every part of the funeral business from planning a funeral to legal paperwork, the day to day life of a funeral director, even down to the roles of a celebrant or barer. These talks and seminars will cover everything you could ever need to know so why not book an appointment to speak with one of our experienced funeral directors now. 

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